About Me

My name is Tara Dean and I have loved teaching all my life!  I began my love of teaching children while still in High School working for an after school program called Just For Kids.  From there, I continued my love for teaching earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and a K-8 Elementary Degree.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work in many educational arenas.  This has included Just For Kids, Head Start, The BSU Children’s Center and most recently, the West Ada School District, teaching Kindergarten and 2nd grade.  Through all these experiences, it has strengthened my love for young children and created a deeper understanding of their development.

I opened my own Preschool in 2015 and have been overjoyed with its success and the happiness being a Preschool teacher and owner has brought me.  I have had some amazing teachers of my own, who have left a lasting impression, and I hope to do the same for the preschoolers in my classes.  I understand the high expectations Common Core is setting for our Kindergartners and want to bridge that gap between the two. My goal for my students is to create a love for learning; a place that will challenge their creativity, and encourage them to question, and explore their environment.  In order to do this, it is important for children to engage in many different types of experiences that stimulate their senses. We will learn through play, music, hands on activities, games, art, practice sheets, science experiments and weekly themes.  I am looking forward to teaching your child and preparing him/her to become a “lifelong learner”.