• Theme Based- Every week we will have a theme. Some examples of the themes we will be talking about during the year:

Community Helpers, Nature, Life Cycles, Solar System, Seasons, Poison Control etc.

  • Handwriting Without Tears
  • We will learn through play, music, hands-on activities, games, art, practice sheets, science and experiments.


Information your child will be taught before graduating from their second year at Jump Start.

  • Early Number Sense
    • Counting
    • Identifying Numbers
    • Writing Numbers
    • One-One Correspondence
    • Sorting and Grouping
    • Using a Model to Represent a Number
    • Patterns


  • Early Literacy
    • Recognizing Alphabet
    • Recognizing Alphabet Sounds
    • Using New Vocabulary
    • Playing with Words and Sounds (Rhymes, Syllables, Beginning Sounds, Sequencing)
    • Retelling Stories
    • Speaking in Complete Sentences
    • Reading Simple Sight Words
    • Listening to One and Two Step Directions
    • Writing Name


  • Fine Motor Skills
    • Hold a Pencil Correctly
    • Use Scissors Correctly


  • The Arts
    • Identify at least 10 colors: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, black, white, brown, pink
    • Using a variety of art materials for tactile experience and exploration


  • Music/Movement
    • Participate in group music experiences
    • Participate in creative movement/dance


  • Creative Dramatics
    • Make believe with objects
    • Take on pretend roles and situations

Field Trips

We will going on field trips the following months:

October, January, February, March, April, May

Examples of Field Trips

  • Zoo
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Community Helper Will Come Visit Our Classroom
  • Library
  • Visit Farm Animals
  • Fire Station
  • Nature Center
  • Aquarium

Examples of activities we will be doing throughout the year

  • Watching caterpillars turn into butterflies
  • Making homemade apple sauce for Johnny Appleseed’s birthday
  • Sink or float experiments
  • Planting seeds and watching them grow
  • Making a volcano and watching it erupt
  • All about me books to share with classmates
  • A leprechaun will visit the classroom during the week of St. Patrick’s’ Day
  • Elf on the Shelf will be visiting for the month of Dec.
  • Learning about the life cycle of a Snowman (we will have a snowman in the classroom)
  • We will be observing different types of habitats in our water table